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Delete cookies
Why cookies?

Websites have different reasons for setting cookies. There are useful cookies that, for example, remember login details so the user does not have to log in every time. Other cookies are used, for example, to show personalised ads on websites.

Delete cookies in Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome.
Click on the ‘Customise and manage Google Chrome’ icon. This is the icon with three dots in Chrome.
Click More utilities > Clear browsing data.
A window opens. Check Cookies and other site data if it is not already there.
Select behind ‘Period’ from which time the cookies should be deleted.
Click Delete data.

Delete cookies in Edge
Click the icon with the three dots in the top right corner.
Click on Settings.
A menu opens. Under ‘Delete browsing data’, click Choose what you want to delete.
By default, some options are ticked. Leave the tick in front of Cookies and saved website data. Click on the boxes for the other checked options to uncheck them.
Click Delete.
The data will be deleted. Outside the settings menu, click an empty spot to exit the settings.

Delete cookies in Firefox
Open Firefox.
Click the Firefox menu button at the top right.
Click on Options.
A new tab will open. Click Privacy & Security on the left.
Under ‘Cookies and website data’ on the right, click Clear data.
Check Cookies and website data if it is not already there.
Click Clear > Clear now to delete all cookies.
Close the window via the cross at the top right.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer.
Click on the ‘Tools’ icon. This is the cog icon in Internet Explorer.
Click on Security > Delete browsing history.
Now specify which things you want to delete, including cookies. For this, check Cookies and website data if it is not already there.
Click Delete.

Delete cookies on the Mac
Open Safari
Click Safari on the left-hand side of the menu bar.
Click Delete history.
A new window appears. Delete the history of a particular period. To do so, click on the drop-down menu behind ‘Delete’.
Click the desired period, e.g. entire history.
Finally, click Delete history.

Delete cookies on the iPad (iOS 8 to iOS 12)
Tap Settings > Safari.
Tap Delete history and website data.
Tap Delete.