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Responsible alcohol consumption

Are you 18 or over?

Buying special beers? You can only do so if you are 18 years or older. We do not (and cannot) sell beer to minors. We at Rebelbeercans think it is important that consumers realise that alcoholic beverages are a product to be enjoyed in moderation. Alcohol abuse occurs in various ways. Consider adult consumers who drink too much, too often or at times that are not appropriate.

In addition, we consider any alcohol consumption by under-18s to be alcohol abuse. All these forms of alcohol abuse we want to combat. This starts with raising awareness among all stakeholders in society.

Facts about alcohol
The Health Council’s advice on responsible alcohol consumption (2015): Do not drink alcohol, or at least not more than 1 standard glass per day. The standard is the same for men and women.

This advice replaces the 2006 guideline. Back then, men were advised to drink a maximum of 2 standard glasses and women 1 glass per day. The norm has become stricter. This is because research is making it increasingly clear that even small amounts of alcohol are already harmful to health.

If you drink more alcohol than the norm for responsible alcohol consumption, you run the risk of, for example:

  • low iron levels in your blood
  • fatty liver
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • problems at work
  • cancer
  • hypertension

The following advice applies to everyone:
The less alcohol, the better
Do not drink alcohol 2 days a week
Do not drink alcohol if you still want to work, study or exercise
Do not drink alcohol if you are ill or tired
Do not drink alcohol if you have to participate in traffic
Do not drink alcohol if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant
Drinking alcohol as a reaction to stress or personal problems is risky
Be careful with alcohol when taking medication